Featured Display Sept 29 to Oct 4, 2014 Joseph Smith Building 9 am to 9 pm

Howard Carlos Smith “Keeper of the Prophet’s Sword”


In the video below you will see an ABC 4 Utah Special about an Original 1830 Book of Mormon in a private collectors possession and is CURRENTLY on display with many other relics through October 2014 on the main floor of the Joseph Smith Building. In the column at the far right you will also find 4 interviews that Howard did with ABC 4 Reporter Don Hudson about the Sword, Cane, Rifle, and Hair Locks.


  • An Original First Printing 1830 Book of Mormon See Video above.
  • The first LDS Hymn book to include music.
  • A hand written photostatic copy of a letter from Joseph to Emma Smith from Liberty Jail.
  • Replica Death Masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
  • Original Nauvoo Legion Sword and sheath once owned by the Prophet Joseph Smith.
  • 1872 Bible of the Joseph Bates Noble family.
  • Locks of hair of the Prophet Joseph and Hyrum Smith.
  • A Casket Cane Emma Smith had made and given to a few select individuals including Joseph Bates Noble.
  • An old musket rifle owned by Bates Noble who was a Bishop and bodyguard of Joseph Smith.
  • An 1862 organ hand carried across the plains on the back of John Daynes, whose son Joseph Daynes was the first organist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • Old pioneer photographs, journals, trinkets, Bibles, Books of Mormon, and sundry items.
  • Pioneer replica dolls and clothing
  • Replica Kirtland Society Bank Notes and Mormon Gold Coins
  • An old clock made from the wood of Carthage Jail
  • Wonderful 1888 book and pictures of the Holy Land
  • Replica Brass Plates and a replica Liahona fashioned after the art of Arnold Friberg.
  • Art of renowned Christian Artist of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and Pioneers
  • Arrow heads and Holy Stones dated from 300 BC to 400 AD

Look for these items above on a rotating basis from NOW until September 28, 2014.


IMG_0919From September 29th through October 4th, you can view the entire collection in the Jade and Gold Rooms of the Joseph Smith Building including the amazing list below. Free to the public and also receive a free magazine during the week of LDS General Conference.  Open from 9 am to 9 pm every day.

  • Howard Carlos Smith and the Prophet’s Original Nauvoo Legion Sword
  • One of only 12 Casket Canes made from the head coffin of Joseph Smith
  • 1872 Family Bible with Joseph and Hyrum Smith’s Lock of Hair
  • Early 1800’s Cap and Ball Rifle owned by Joseph Sates Nobel a Body Guard of the Prophet