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Life is Quick in Passing

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 Enjoy the ride into my book and onto a bouncing basketball. Like a cake mix, it carries a certain blend from chapter to chapter. Life is quick in passing. Stay aboard, don’t jump off a moving ship for it too will soon fade away. In time each will enter upon the beach ball. It will be a new, yet familiar, world far greater than what we think with family and friends.


Joseph Bates Noble Keeper of the Prophet’s Sword by Howard Carlos Smith 

Never before has anyone viewed a picture showing the Prophet’s Legion Sword. This book is the first and was written by permission of the author’s first cousin, a Noble, and great-grandson of Joseph Bates Noble.

Joseph Bates Noble more than likely asked, “Why me Lord?” as he hid away the Prophet Joseph Smiths’ Nauvoo Legion Sword. A casket cane would soon be a stow-away and the two relics would start a long journey into time.

This legion sword has been hidden away for 165 years and not to be on display. It has been handed down from father-to-son in the Noble family for a special purpose in giving testimony to Joseph Bates Noble a defender and body guard to the prophet.

Joseph Bates Noble served as a foot soldier in Zion’s Camp, defended the church in Missouri, ranked as a Major in the Nauvoo Legion and key figure along with his friend, Porter Rockwell, in rescuing the bodies of Hyrum and Joseph Smith. This book contains new details on the rescue.


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Joseph Bates Noble was invited by the Prophet to attend a conference on 28 Feb. 1835. To his surprise he was called to be a General Authority in the First Quorum of Seventy, some say he was third on the list. He held many other important positions in the church. He served as Bishop in the Nauvoo 5th Ward and the Smith family attended his ward. Later on in life Joseph Bates Noble served as a Stake Patriarch.

This fascinating book will tell you first hand about this remarkable man. He conducted the first plural marriage in the Church by marrying his sister-in-law, Louisa Beman, to the Prophet Joseph Smith. This is his story.

About the Author: Howard Carlos Smith holds a B.S. Degree in Engineering from Utah State University and an M.S. Degree from Brigham Young University. As a teacher and trainer he taught over 15,000 students spanning a period of forty-five years. He was one of three missionaries to open the Island of Puerto Rico for missionary service.   Email:


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Keeper of the Prophet’s Sword (Book 1)

Joseph Smith’s Sword  And In That Day Miracles & Warnings (Book 2)



Angels and Translated Beings by Howard Carlos Smith (Book 3)

 $18.95. Life after death. Angels are children of God. An angel may be a resurrected being, translated being, disembodied spirit, unembodied spirit, or a mortal such as you or I being attentive to the spirit of God.

Excerpt from the book Angels and Translated Beings:

“Many had gathered on a Sunday morning in a small log cabin church to worship their God.  All the old men and young men, mothers with nursing babies in their arms, maidens and little children were in the house of worship. The minister was at prayer, with the whole congregation still as death.  Suddenly arose the wild cry, ‘The Indians! The Indians!’

“Every man seized the gun which stood by him.  The women huddled the children together and stood close in the little log church, with faces pale as death.  The men met the red foe bravely, but the surprise was so great, and the numbers so unequal, that the warring Indians were fast gaining an advantage.

“All at once in the middle of the battle appeared a man of towering height, with long streaming hair, beard, and dressed in a wild fashion.  He suddenly appeared among the white men like a strong deliverer….”

This book is printed and available for purchase through Brigham Distributing as of Wednesday, May 14, 2014.  This book has been out for three weeks but my schedule has not allowed me to deliver the books to Brigham Distributing until May 14th.  I am hoping to have this book in e-book format by the middle of June.  I’ll keep you updated on the status.  My other books: Keeper of the Prophet’s Sword – Joseph Bates Noble Body Guard to the Prophet Joseph Smith and Joseph Smith’s Sword and In That Day Miracles and Warnings are available through Brigham Distributing, Deseret Book, and other locations.  Keeper of the Prophet’s Swordis available in e-book format. Joseph Smith’s Sword… will be available in e-book format soon.

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News Weekly Journal Nov. 23, 2011 by Lisa Dayley

BURLEY – Writer Howard Smith had such incredible experiences while writing the “Keeper of the Prophet’s Sword” that he has followed it up with another book called “Joseph Smith’s Sword And In That Day Miracles & Warnings.”

In the new book Smith details how he felt a Higher Power calling him to write the first book that details how his cousin’s great-grandfather Joseph Bates Noble received the Prophet Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Legion Sword 165 years ago. It details how the Noble family kept the sword under wraps for decades, and how Howard Smith felt inspired to research the sword’s details and write a book.

In his new book, he writes of his experiences researching, writing and promoting the book and how often those experiences left him stunned yet very grateful for what he considers heavenly intervention. In one incidence he recalls driving to Salt Lake to promote the book and coming within seconds of being smashed by a truck flying off a freeway ramp narrowly missing him by seconds. In another chapter he talks of how errant farm equipment nearly toppled Smith’s home. Smith again credits divine intervention with protecting his family and home.

Smith says he’s on a mission to talk about the Prophet’s sword.

“It’s all I think about it. It’s on my mind all the time,” he said.

Smith has spoken about the sword throughout the Intermountain region and has also taken the sword back to Nauvoo, Illinois, that Joseph Smith founded, where Howard Smith spoke during a fireside and book signing.

Yet, the new book isn’t a rehashing of the original. In “Joseph Smith’s Sword And In That Day Miracles & Warnings” Howard Smith writes about personal experiences with the book coupled with Joseph Smith and other LDS presidents’ prophecies as well as prophecies from the Bible and other sources. In the new book Howard Smith urges readers to be mindful of Christ’s imminent return and the signs thereof.

And what are the signs?

“Earthquakes, tornados, volcanos, tsunamis, wars and rumors of wars. Our constitution is hanging by a thread, and it’s time we step forward to save it. I have a concern for our children and what they’re being taught by the progressive type itinerary.  The book is centered on free agency and the battle we’re in to ensure free agency for our children and grandchildren,” he said.

Howard Smith refers to Christ’s return as “Global Warming” No, it’s not Al Gore’s version of the earth being hell frozen over but instead a great warmth will be felt. Smith likens it to feelings generated during Christmas.

“During the holiday season, you can feel that warmth in your heart being passed from one to another. It’s a time in our country when we’re thinking of others before ourselves.  Global warming is the second coming of Jesus Christ,” he said.

Smith also has plans for a third book that deals with the “casket sticks” that the Prophet Joseph Smith’s wife Emma made from the casket that brought her murdered husband and brother-in-law Hyrum Smith back from Carthage Jail. An angry mob murdered the two brothers while they were incarcerated there. Emma Smith used the sticks to thank the men who retrieved the bodies from Carthage.

Emma Smith made 12 such sticks from the casket, and Howard Smith has tracked down six of them. The sticks are about the size of a man’s walking cane.

 “They’re symbolic and represent the 12 apostles,” Smith said.

Smith didn’t start writing until about five years ago. He had experience writing technical manuals at one time and before that spent 14 years teaching high school shop in Utah. He says that writing can prove a challenge at times.

“To be honest it’s very stressful.  I think what I like about writing, is that it’s a way of sharing with others the miracles that are taking place in these last days and also concerns that I have about my grandchildren and the type of world they’ll live in. By writing a book, I’m able to reach more people,” he said.

Printed on glossy paper, the book is 171 pages long. Smith’s cover is eye catching, and the book contains numerous colorful pictures throughout.

“The book is on special paper and in color because of what it’s representing. We’re representing the prophet and sword,” he said.

Smith will sign his book from 1 to 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25 at Bell’s Bookstore in Twin Falls and again the following day from 1 to 4 p.m., at Crowley’s The Quad in Twin. From noon to 5 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 3 Smith will be at the Burley Book Plaza. He will also attend a book signing at the Rupert Book Store from 2 to 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9 Joseph Smith’s sword will be on display at those times.

In the meantime, you can pick up the book at Farmer’s Corner, The Burley Book Plaza and the Rupert Book Store. It can also be ordered at

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