Gems from Joseph

Here you will find what we call “Gems from Joseph”. These are stories, articles, videos, pictures and information about the Prophet Joseph Smith and LDS History that you may not have heard before. We honor the Prophet and love him. He has done more for each of us in the latter-days than anyone besides our Savior Jesus Christ.Picture86.jpg

Miraculous Incident

“When the group proceeded to the home adjacent to the Fordham residence, the Mormon Prophet approached Joseph Bates Noble, another Latter-day Saint who had fallen prey to disease. Bishop Noble vividly recorded the miraculous incident which ensued: 24

As soon as I saw him the tears of joy burst from my eyes. In a moment he was at my bedside, and took me by the hand. Without waiting for the other brethren to get to my bed, he commanded me, in the name of Jesus Christ, to arise and walk. I arose, and while putting on my clothes I fainted. When I regained consciousness I was on the bed, and Joseph was standing close to me.

As soon as my eyes met his he said, “Wherefore didst thou doubt?” and again commanded me to arise.

While he was speaking I felt the healing virtue flowing through every part of my system. I immediately arose and walked, rejoicing and praising the Lord with all my heart, for his blessing resting upon me, by which I was made whole.

After Joseph and other witnesses of the remarkable healings returned to their homes, Heber C. Kimball and Wilford Woodruff testified that they praised the Lord and vowed that this day in which the power of God was abundantly manifest would never be forgotten by the Latter-day Saints.” JOSEPH SMITH AND THE RESTORATION OF THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL in Milton V. Backman, American Religions and the Rise of Mormonism

Ordinance of Washing the Body

“April. 4th I met at the house of Elder Hales 63 at one oclock. PM. in company with twenty three Elders President Joseph Young making one of the number for the purpose of attending to the ordinance of washing the body with clean watter & perfumes that our bodies might be prepared for the anointing President Young opened the meeting by prayer we then proceded to the ordinance myself & Elder G.W. Meeks were the first washed under the hands of President Joseph Young we then assisted President Young in washing our Brethren the Elders much of the spirit of God rested upon us I washed & perfumed the bodies of a number of my Brethren & the interview closed after expressing our feelings to each other. We again met together in the quorum of the seventies at the upper part of the Lords house at early candle light to receive our anointing. The quorums of the Deacons, Teachers, & Priest occupied one apartment the Elders another & the Seventies the third. each quorums met for the anointing. Three of the presidents met with the seventies viz H Aldrich J. Young and Z. Coultrin president Coultrin opened the meeting by prayer & after conversing plainly to those who were to be anointed they proceded to business the presidency consecrated the oil before God that it might be holy The person to be anointed then took a seat & the presidency then laid hands upon his head & consecrated him unto God & then anointed him in the name of the Lord & pronounced such blessings upon his his head as the testimony of Jesus shall direct which is the spirit of prophecy. We had a glorious season indeed in this solumn ordinance of the house of the Lord there were fifteen annointed in our quorum mostly by president Coultrin. the Power of God rested upon us. president Coultrin anointed me & the following are some of the blessing that he pronounced upon my head while clothed upon by the Spirit & Power of God. viz. that God would bless me with all the powers of the priesthood & give me a multiplicity of blessings that kings would tremble upon their thrones at my word. that I should become a Counsellor & multitudes should seek counsel at my mouth & I should have great wisdom & power to fly through the midst under heaven as Philip travled by the spirit that I should have power over my enemies & have long life & bring many into the kingdom of God Also that I should have the riches of the earth & that I should have sons & consecrate them priests unto God in Zion & that I should tread upon the ashes of my enemies in Jackson County those that had sought to take my life & the life of my brethren that went to redeem Zion & he also sealed upon my head all the blessing that had previously been pronounced upon me & thes blessing were sealed upon my head with a loud amen from all of the anointed present in the name of Jesus Christ Much of the power & spirit of God & a sens of the virtue of the ordinance rested upon me May God enable me to possess those blessing & obtain those vishions that have been promised me in this & other solumn ordinances & keep me from dishonouring my anointing & the Holy priesthood for Christ sake Amen.

The interview closed about 10. oclock P.M. I then repaired into the lower Court of the Lords house in Company with Elders Joseph B. Nobles & G.W. Meeks to spend the night (after being anointed) in prayer & fasting before God the vales being closed we entered the Elders pulpit & there upon our knees we plead with God & we covenanted with each other in the holy stand that we would not give sleep to our eyes neither take food untill we receieved a blessing from God by the outpourings of his spirit upon us it was untill the end of three days and according to our covenant we commenced praying & a part of the night we had a severe trial of our faith by great temptation from Satan but before day we gained a good degree of victory over the Devil & the Lord poured out his spirit upon us & we felt it good to be in the house of God while nature was hushed in silenced by the sable shades of night. After spending the night in prayer we returned to our homes in the morning intending to spend the day in prayer & fasting for still greater blessings this being upon” The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruffby Dean C. Jessee 

Joseph Smith’s Reflections, August 16, 23, 1842

“On August 16, the same day Joseph Smith wrote to Emma from his place of seclusion at Sagers’s north of Nauvoo, he also began dictating a lengthy expression of his feelings to his clerk William Clayton as he reflected upon the loyalty of trusted friends who had rallied to his support in times of crisis. Then, suddenly forced to leave amid rumors that his hiding place had been discovered, Joseph eventually returned to his home and secreted himself in his office where, on August 23 he continued dictating the sentiments he had begun on the sixteenth. Although William Clayton concluded his writing on the twenty-third with the notation that Joseph would “continue the subject again,” nothing more was ever added.

August 16, 1842.

Brother Erastus H. Derby is one among the number of the faithful souls, who have taken as yet the greatest interest that possibly could have been imagined for the welfare of President Joseph. I therefore record the following blessing from the mouth of the President himself.

Blessed is Brother Erastus H. Derby, and he shall be blessed of the Lord; he possesses a sober mind, and a faithful heart; the snares therefore that are subsequent to befall other men, who are treacherous and rotten-hearted, shall not come nigh unto his doors, but shall be far from the path of his feet. He loveth wisdom, and shall be found possessed of her. Let there be a crown of glory, and a diadem upon his head. Let the light of eternal Truth shine forth upon his understanding; let his name be had in everlasting remembrance; let the blessings of Jehovah be crowned upon his posterity after him, for he rendered me consolation, in the lonely places of my retreat: How good and glorious, it has seemed unto me, to find pure and holy friends, who are faithful, just and true, and whose hearts fail not; and whose knees are confirmed and do not faulter; while they wait upon the Lord, in administering to my necessities; [p.135] in the day when the wrath of mine enemies was poured out upon me. In the name of the Lord, I feel in my heart to bless them, and to say in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that these are the ones that shall inherit eternal life. I say it by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, and by the ministering of Holy Angels, and by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost. How glorious were my feelings when I met that faithful and friendly band, on the night of the eleventh on thursday, on the Island, at the mouth of the slough, between Zarahemla and Nauvoo. With what unspeakable delight, and what transports of joy swelled my bosom, when I took by the hand on that night, my beloved Emma, she that was my wife, even the wife of my youth; and the choice of my heart. Many were the reviberations of my mind when I contemplated for a moment the many passt scenes we had been called to pass through. The fatigues, and the toils, the sorrows, and sufferings, and the joys and consolations from time to time [which] had strewed our paths and crowned our board. Oh! what a comingling of thought filled my mind for the moment, again she is here, even in the seventh trouble, undaunted, firm and unwavering, unchangeable, affectionate Emma. There was Brother Hyrum who next took me by the hand, a natural brother; thought I to myself, brother Hyrum, what a faithful heart you have got. Oh, may the eternal Jehovah crown eternal blessings upon your head, as a reward for the care you have had for my soul. O how many are the sorrows have we shared together, and again we find ourselves shackled with the unrelenting hand of oppression. Hyrum, thy name shall be written in the Book of the Law of the Lord, 1 for those who come after thee to look upon, that they may pattern after thy works. Said I to myself here is brother Newel K. Whitney also, how many scenes of sorrow, have strewed our paths together; and yet we meet once more to share again. Thou art a faithful friend in whom the afflicted sons of men can confide, with the most perfect safety. Let the blessings of the eternal be crowned also upon his head; how warm that heart! how anxious that soul! for the welfare of one who has been cast out, and hated of almost all men. Brother Whitney, thou knowest not how strong those ties are, that bind my soul and heart to thee. My heart was overjoyed, as I took the faithful band by hand, that stood upon the shore one by one. Wm. Law, Wm. Clayton, Dimick B. Huntington, 2 George Miller, were there. The above names constituted the little group. I do not think to mention the particulars of the history of that sacred night, which shall forever be remembered by me. But the names of the faithful are what I wish to record in this place. These I have met in prosperity and they were my friends, I now meet them in adversity, and they are still my warmer friends. These love the God that I serve; they love the truths that I promulge; they love those virtuous, and those holy doctrines that I cherish in my bosom with the warmest feelings of my heart; and with that zeal which cannot be denied. I love friendship and truth; I love virtue [p.164] and Law; I love the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob, and they are my brethren, and I shall live; and because I live, they shall live also. These are not the only ones, who have administered to my necessity; whom the Lord will bless. There is Brother John D. Parker, 3 and Brother Amasa Lyman, 4 and Brother Wilson Law, and Brother Henry G. Sherwood, my heart feels to reciprocate the unweried kindnesses that have been bestowed upon me by these men. They are men of noble stature, of noble hands, and of noble deeds; possessing noble and daring, and giant hearts and souls. There is Brother Joseph B. Nobles 5 also, I would call up in remembrance before the Lord. There is brother Samuel Smith, a natural brother; he is, even as Hyrum. There is Brother Arthur Millikin 6 also, who married my youngest sister, Lucy. He is a faithful, an honest, and an upright man. While I call up in remembrance before the Lord these men, I would be doing injustice to those who rowed me in the skiff up the river that night, after I parted with the lovely group; who brought me to this my safe and lonely and private retreat; brother Jonathan Dunham 7 and the other whose name I do not know. Many were the thoughts that swelled my aching heart, while they were toiling faithfully with their oars. They complained not of hardship and fatigue to secure my safety. My heart would have been harder than an adamantine stone, if I had not have prayed for them with anxious and fervent desire. I did so, and the still small voice whispered to my soul, these that share your toils with such faithful hearts, shall reign with you in the kingdom of their God; but I parted with them in silence and came to my retreat. I hope I shall see them again that I may toil for them and administer to their comfort also. They shall not want a friend while I live. My heart shall love those; and my hands shall toil for those, who love and toil for me, and shall ever be found faithful to my friends. Shall I be ungrateful? verily no! God forbid!

The above are the words, and sentiments, that escaped the lips of President Joseph Smith on the 16th day of August A D 1842, in relation to his friends: and has now quit speaking for the moment, but will continue the subject again.

Wm. Clayton, Clerk [p.165]

Satan attempts to deprive.

“April 7th I spent the day in writing my Journal. & when the shades of evening began to appear I repaired to the house of the LORD in company with Elders Milton Holmes, & Joseph B Nobles for the purpose of worshiping God we entered one of the stands within the veils & fell upon our knees & satan appeared also but not to worship God but to deprive us of the privilege satan strove against us with great power by tempting & otherwis he at one time drove me from my stand while I was striving with my brethren to enter into the visions of heaven notwithstanding his apparent victory good grew out of it for by going into the outter Court. I there found Elder Freeman Nickerson 69 an aged father in Israel who was faithful & Prayed to God alway I solicited him to join us in prayer that we might gain a victory over satan & get a blessing at the hand of God He joyfully accepted the invitation & we again entered the stand being four of us in number of one accord in one place. we had great cause to be united in heart we all had travled together about 1,000 miles in the spring of 1834 for the redemption of Zion we at that time offered to lay down our lives & our offering was accepted, as was Abrams. We felt considering those circumstances that we could kneel down & unitedly get a blessing by faith through Jesus Christ we fell upon our Knees & began to cry unto God Satan departed, tempation found no place in our harts The power of God rested upon us & we were baptized with the Holy Ghost & the spirit of God was like fire fire shut up in our bones we were immersed in the liberty of the sons of God many great things were shown unto us the power of God & the spirit of prophesy & Revelation rested upon us I arose & proclaimed many glorious thing upon the heads of my beloved brethreth that were present which were dictated in my heart by the Holy Spirit And I Willford testify in the name of Jesus Christ that many preciou things were shown me concerning my brethren by the Holy Spirit in prophecy & Revelation. Our hearts were made glad & we went our way rejoicing.” The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruffby Dean C. Jessee

“God was with the Prophet, from the time he was ordained to the Priesthood until he was murdered”

“But I want to speak more particularly about this great and last dispensation, in which the Lord has said, through the mouths of all the patriarchs and prophets, a mighty work should be performed. It is different, my brethren and sisters, from the days of the Savior. I do not believe there ever was a greater dispensation than the one in which you and I live, because in it is centered the fulfillment of all prophecy and all revelation that has been manifest looking to the final restoration of all things before the coming of the Son of Man. I want to speak of our condition today before the Lord. When the Savior died He went to preach to the spirits in prison. Most all the people from the days of Noah to that day had died without the Gospel, and Jesus went and preached to them. They had this work resting upon them in that day. In this day and generation we have in the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants the history of the Latter-day Saints and of the world. You are my witnesses today that this people are here in fulfillment of these revelations and prophecies. We have had a Prophet raised up in these last days, as great a Prophet as ever breathed the breath of life, save Jesus Christ, and He was raised up for the purpose of laying the foundation of this work. And how is this dispensation and this work to commence? I would like to have the Christian world read the revelations of St. John. There you have before you a picture of what awaits this generation. You have there proclaimed that in the commencement of this great and last work in the last days an angel of God would fly through the midst of heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, “and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come.” Yes, ye Latter-day Saints, the hour of God’s judgment is come. The Lord raised a great Prophet unto us. He was a mighty man, although illiterate, in one sense of the word. The Lord called upon him to perform this work, and he not only received the visitation of angels, but even the voice of God. This is the only dispensation that I have ever read of in which the Father and Son both appeared to the man whom He had chosen to establish His Church. Joseph Smith received this great honor. He was a Prophet of God. I have traveled with him a good many miles. Speaking of the gifts and graces manifested by the Elders of Israel, I have seen Joseph Smith in one day go forth among the sick and command those that were dying to arise and be made whole, and they have leaped from their beds, been clothed, and walked out in the street and followed the Prophet of God in his travels through the midst of the Saints of God. Can I doubt this work? Can you doubt it? I think not. No man that has had any experience in this work can doubt it. You remember Brother Fordham. He was breathing his last breath of life when the Prophet took him by the hand and commanded him in the name of Jesus of Nazareth to arise and be made whole. He leaped from his bed, was clothed, and walked out and into the house of Brother Joseph Bates Noble, who is still living in these mountains. He was also lying at the point of death and was instantly healed by the power of God, through the voice of the Prophet of God. I name these things because I have had experience in them and have a right to mention them. The power of God was with the Prophet, from the time he was ordained to the Priesthood until he was murdered. He lived some fourteen years after he laid the foundation of this work. And when he organized this Church he organized it in its full power and glory, and every gift and grace, and every ordinance that belongs to the Church of God. Nothing was ever manifest in any age of the world but what was included in the organization of this Church. It was organized with Prophets, with Apostles, with Pastors, with Teachers, with helps and governments, with gifts and graces, and with the Melchisedek and Aaronic Priesthoods. Joseph Smith was true and faithful to death, and he was a mighty man of God, as may be seen by anyone who will read that code of revelations which he left to us—as sublime revelations as God ever gave to man.” Wilford Woodruff, October 9th, 1892 BLESSINGS OF THE RISING GENERATION DISCOURSE Delivered by President Wilford Woodruff, at the Semi-Annual Conference,
held in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Morning, October 9th, 1892.


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The Power of God

1eWilford Woodruff said about Joseph Smith’s meeting with the Apostles in March 1844: “I remember the last speech that [Joseph Smith] ever gave us before his death. … He stood upon his feet some three hours. The room was filled as with consuming fire, his face was as clear as amber, and he was clothed upon by the power of God. He laid before us our duty. He laid before us the fullness of this great work of God; and in his remarks to us he said: ‘I have had sealed upon my head every key, every power, every principle of life and salvation that God has ever given to any man who ever lived upon the face of the earth. And these principles and this Priesthood and power belong to this great and last dispensation which the God of Heaven has set His hand to establish in the earth. Now,’ said he, addressing the Twelve, ‘I have sealed upon your heads every key, every power, and every principle which the Lord has sealed upon my head.’ And continuing, he said, ‘I have lived so long—up to the present time—I have been in the midst of this people and in the great work and labor of redemption. I have desired to live to see this Temple built. But I shall never live to see it completed; but you will—you will.’ …

“After addressing us in this manner he said: ‘I tell you, the burden of this kingdom now rests upon your shoulders; you have got to bear it off in all the world, and if you don’t do it you will be damned.’”

Wilford Woodruff, Deseret Semi-Weekly News, Mar. 15, 1892, p. 2; punctuation modernized.


Against a Christian Door by Andrew Knaupp

Against a Christian Door by Andrew Knaupp

Why the Martyrdom is Important

This martyrdom has always been an inspiration to the people of the Lord. It has helped them in their individual trials; has given them courage to pursue a course in righteousness and to know and to live the truth, and must ever be held in sacred memory by the Latter-day Saints who have learned the great truths that God revealed through His servant, Joseph Smith

Joseph F. Smith, “The Martyrdom,” Juvenile Instructor, June 1916, p. 381


5002b (1)

Prophet of the Lord by David Lindsley

About Physicians

After adjournment, while conversing with Dr. Brink and Mr. Marr, I told them I had been called to thousands of cases in sickness, and I have never failed in administering comfort where the patient has thrown himself unreservedly on me, and the reason is that I never prescribed anything that would injure the patient, if it did him no good.

I have lost a father, brother, and child, because in my anxiety I depended more on the judgment of other men than my own, while I have raised up others who were lower than they were. By-the-by, I will say that that man, (pointing to Levi Richards) is the best physician I have ever been acquainted with. People will seldom die of disease, provided we know it seasonably, and treat it mildly, patiently and perseveringly, and do not use harsh means.

It is like the Irishman’s digging down the mountain. He does not put his shoulder to it to push it over, but puts it in his wheelbarrow, and carries it away day after day, and perseveres in it until the whole mountain is removed. So we should persevere in the use of simple remedies, and not push against the constitution of the patient, day after day; and the disease will be removed and the patient saved. It is better to save the life of a man than to raise one from the dead.

April 19, 1843 HC 5:365


In a Hurry

Wilford Woodruff dedicated his life to building up the kingdom of God, and he continued to receive instruction from Joseph Smith, even after the Prophet’s death. He told of a vision he received in which he spoke with Joseph Smith: “I saw him at the door of the temple in heaven. He came to me and spoke to me. He said he could not stop to talk with me because he was in a hurry. The next man I met was Father Smith [Joseph Smith Sr.]; he could not talk with me because he was in a hurry. I met half a dozen brethren who had held high positions on earth, and none of them could stop to talk with me because they were in a hurry. I was much astonished. By and by I saw the Prophet again and I got the privilege of asking him a question.

Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff

“‘Now,’ said I, ‘I want to know why you are in a hurry. I have been in a hurry all my life; but I expected my hurry would be over when I got into the kingdom of heaven, if I ever did.’

“Joseph said: ‘I will tell you, Brother Woodruff. Every dispensation that has had the priesthood on the earth and has gone into the celestial kingdom has had a certain amount of work to do to prepare to go to the earth with the Savior when he goes to reign on the earth. Each dispensation has had ample time to do this work. We have not. We are the last dispensation, and so much work has to be done, and we need to be in a hurry in order to accomplish it.’”2

Teachings of Wilford Woodruff  Chapter 3 The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times


Joseph and Hyrum by Ken Corbett

Joseph and Hyrum by Ken Corbett

The Prophet’s Discourse

At 10 o’clock A.M., a large concourse of the Saints assembled on the meeting ground, and were addressed by President Joseph Smith, who spoke at considerable length.

He commenced his observations by remarking that the kindness of our Heavenly Father called for our heartfelt gratitude. He then observed that Satan was generally blamed for the evils which we did, but if he was the cause of all our wickedness, men could not be condemned. The devil could not compel mankind to do evil; all was voluntary. Those who resisted the Spirit of God, would be liable to be led into temptation, and then the association of heaven would be withdrawn from those who refused to be made partakers of such great glory. God would not exert any compulsory means, and the devil could not; and such ideas as were entertained [on these subjects] by many were absurd. The creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but Christ subjected the same in hope—all are subjected to vanity while they travel through the crooked paths and difficulties which surround them. Where is the man that is free from vanity? None ever were perfect but Jesus; and why was He perfect? Because He was the Son of God, and had the fullness of the Spirit, and greater power than any man. But notwithstanding their vanity, men look forward with hope (because they are “subjected in hope”) to the time of their deliverance.

 History of the Church 4:358

I Am Tired


Mobbers on the Missouri River by C.C.A. Christensen

“I have rolled this kingdom off of my shoulders onto the shoulders of the Twelve and they can carry out this work and build up His kingdom.” Said he, “I am tired. I have been mobbed, I have suffered so much from outsiders and from my own family. Some of the brethren think they can carry out this work better than I can, far better. I have asked the Lord to take me away. I have to seal my testimony to this generation with my blood. I have to do it for this work will never progress until I am gone for the testimony is of no force until the testator is dead. People little know who I am when they talk about me, and they never will know until they see me weighed in the balance in the Kingdom of God. Then they will know who I am, and see me as I am. I dare not tell them and they do not know me.” These words were spoken with such power that they penetrated the heart of every soul that believed on him

.”Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner,” The Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine 17 (July 1926):


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To Lie in Yonder Tomb

“I will tell you what I want. If tomorrow I shall be called to lie in yonder tomb, in the morning of the resurrection let me strike hands with my father, and cry, ‘My father,’ and he will say, ‘My son, my son,’ as soon as the rock rends and before we come out of our graves. …

“And when the voice calls for the dead to arise, suppose I am laid by the side of my father, what would be the first joy of my heart? To meet my father, my mother, my brother, my sister; and when they are by my side, I embrace them and they me.” (History of the Church, 5:361–62.)

My Great Great Grandmother Emma Hale Smith Ensign August 1992

The Wentworth Letter

The Martyrdom: The Prophet Seals His Testimony with His Blood Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith, (2011), 528–40

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 “A span of no more than sixty-five to seventy-five total days was likely involved in translating the Book of Mormon as we now have it, for an overall average of about seven to eight pages per day, conservatively estimated.”

“By the Gift and Power of God Ensign Jan 1997 Elder Neal A. Maxwell

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